emmanuela lykouEmmanuela Lykou was born in Athens. She studied Economics in Geneva. She always had a passion for fashion. Today, she signs her own line of women and childrens beachwear. Her trips around the world inspire her into producing unique designs for each collection.

Her own personal experience has taught her that finding the perfect fit bikini can be difficult for a woman. So, she decided to create her own line, launching her first collection in 2006 under the brand name "Emmanuela" . Each item bears the characteristic trademark of her designs, her favorite pet dog -a teckel in metallic gold. 

Emmanuela designs herself most of the prints included in her collections of swimsuits, beach dresses, tops,women's shorts and bandanas for a stylish feminine and original summer look. Her collections include the "Mini Me" line for young girls (0-10yrs) and the "Maternity"line.

Emmanuela presents her collection every year organizing stylish fashion-shows. You can find her creations at her atelier in Kolonaki.

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